If you know KARLO, then  you know he comes with not only a fanny pack that dishes out hi-chew candies, but with another bag of tricks that spills out rhymes in as many flavors as you can find gansitos at your corner mercado.  

Born and raised in conservative San Diego, California by an Afghan father and Mexican mother, KARLO grew up challenged by his first-world surroundings constantly clashing with his third-world rearing.  Add to that the ability to speak three languages, which you'll discover in his emotionally evocative music, and you'll see why KARLO credits his unique perspective on life to a mixed and conflicted upbringing.

KARLO attributes the development of his art to the religious, political, and educational influences around him.  His outlook beyond the typical "American" mindset continues to evolve as he sees injustice, greed and misunderstandings in the world that deserves a voice.  A voice he is charged to be and the rallying cry of a generation ready to march the streets with their fists in the air.

Whether on the streets of San Diego, the Garden of the Gods in Colorado, or the piazzas of Spain, making friends is one of the things KARLO does best.  Maybe it's his beard, his love of bunnies, unique fashion sense, or ability to blend all of those together in a way only KARLO can, but there is no lack of people in his life, and always room for more.  KARLO recognizes the importance of the people in his life, his friends and family, who also come from diverse backgrounds and experiences.  It is because of them that his passion and perspective on life continues to evolve.

To experience more of what KARLO has to offer, check out his music or introduce yourself at one of his upcoming shows.  You will not be disappointed.


Photographer: Lauren Amira

Musician: KARLO

Location: Colorado Springs, Colorado